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JOSEPH P. FICTIONSue Campbell has over 15 years experience as a professional resume writer and career strategist - helping clients achieve their career, business and marketing goals.

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Highly skilled and dedicated sales and marketing executive offering an impressive 17-year background in the strategic leadership of national and international markets.

Exceptional understanding of international sales strategies. Able to provide comprehensive solutions and direction in cross-cultural environments. Fluent in French, German and Japanese.

Computer proficient in a wide range of operating systems and software programs.

Areas of expertise include:

Sales & Marketing Growth
International Account Development
OEM & Business Partner Relationships
Market Research & Feasibility Studies
Total Quality Management Procedures
Staff Leadership & Team Development


ABC, Inc., Any City, Any State
May 2012 - Present

Guide corporate strategies for the development and implementation of infrastructures in sales, marketing, research & development, engineering, manufacturing, finance, and administration.

Developed sales/marketing plan in support of investor management of a $10 million sales objective.

Increased annual sales revenue by $5 million within 17 months by establishing OEM and international distribution channels.

Maximized profits through efficient vendor negotiations and contracts, and the identification and reduction of gratuitous cost factors.

Company is currently recognized as #1 in the Industry, from a previous 24th position.

DEF Corporation, Any City, Any State
February 2009 – April 2012

Brought on board to rescue failing sales, rejuvenate ineffective marketing programs, and resolve international logistics and U.S. Customs issues.

Generated $2.7 million in targeted business within six months.

Developed and implemented strategic sales and marketing solutions with financials to support a $3 million increase in new business revenue.

Prepared annual updates to the marketing policy and assisted in preparation of annual fiscal plans.

Negotiated contractual terms and provided consult to information providers in all principal decisions. Reviewed current contracts to determine modifications, renewals and terminations as situations dictated.

Contributed to the recruitment, training and retention of top-caliber sales professionals, and developed a team that was proficient in all levels of sales and marketing operations.

GHI Company, Any City, Any State
January 2007 – February 2009

Conducted bottom-up reorganization of international sales in preparation of major project release.

Bolstered sales and marketing efforts to produce a 45% increase in prospects through the launch of two new products via trade shows, magazine ads, and direct mail campaigns.

Implemented a first-of-its-kind international distribution training program for Asian and European distributors, generating a solid interest in company products in overseas markets.

Developed promotional opportunities to increase income generation and sales, achieving an overall growth of 78% in the first year.

Directed and maintained a $1.5 million marketing budget.

Instituted a system of team leads to organize, operate and mentor production team. Team leads were established in sales, marketing, product development, customer support, and systems engineering.

JKL Incorporated, Any City, Any State
December 2004 – December 2007

Managed largest revenue producing business unit, generating over $24 million in annual revenue.

Identified new import product opportunities, evaluated domestic buying offices and reduced overhead cost by over 40%.

Coordinated team marketing activities to receive top national performance recognition at 400% of shipped unit business plan.

Saved $350K in operating costs through the development and implementation of an automated system to track, evaluate and reduce product deficits.

Researched and designed new advertising program to utilize $250K of co-op advertising, successfully increasing sales and market penetration of suppliers in the $2-$4 million range.

Negotiated with U.S. and international companies to create strategic export programs that succeeded in exceeding sales targets while ensuring high standards of service and quality.

MNO Inc., Any City, Any State
January 2000 – November 2004

Successfully positioned company to emerge from bankruptcy through diversification, creation of effective reporting, and development of risk analysis procedures in both marketing and merchandising.

Introduced strategic merchandising plan that met the unique needs of a high level client and a specific market segment, increasing gross margin by 3.5 points and securing $24 million in sales.

Directed formulation of franchise and distributor agreements.

Led a professional team of 125 sales executives in eight countries.


University of Import, City, State - 1999
  Emphasis in International Business

University of Import, City, State - 1997
  Business Management & Marketing


Business Marketing Association
American Marketing Association
American Management Association
Association for International Business
Association of Management Consulting Firms
International Association of Business Communications


Executive, Manager, Business, Operations, Vice President, Marketing, Sales, International, National, OEM, Distribution, Product, Development, Research, Logistics, Strategic, Market, P&L, Contracts, Negotiation, Diversification, Policies, Procedures, Standards, Standardization, Merchandising, Reporting, Finance, Accounting, Consultant, MBA, Fluent in: English, German, French, Japanese

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