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See why I use these funny shoes throughout my site

See why I use these funny tennis shoes throughout my site.

"If we choose to be no more than clods of clay, then we shall be used as clods of clay for braver feet to tread on." - Marie Corelli

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Sue Campbell Jones & AccoladesResume services aimed at helping clients achieve their career goals

I have, without question, worked with some of the finest people in the United States and overseas. Here are just a few...

I still use the format that your originally provided. I have just added new positions, education and trainings to the respective areas. Take a look at what I have provided and let me know where I stand. I am totally sold on what you do. When I read the resume that you originally completed, I did not even know that it was me that I was reading about. Now, that's good. Since then I have referred you over and over again. I will continue to so. I would like to thank you in advance for what you do.
Rodric G. (Georgia)

NICE! I am a very happy customer. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you again for such great service.
Renee F. (North Carolina)

Hi Sue,
Thank you so much for sending all of those different documents with explanations - I would've been a little confused about when to use them ;). I posted my resume on various job sites starting about a week ago, and I already have 3 phone interviews scheduled, plus one that has turned into an in-person interview. I'm sure my awesome new resume has been instrumental in getting such a great response! My dad said the same thing happened after he posted his resume [<--also written by 1st-Writer]. Anyway...thanks again!
Best regards,
Jessica S. (Philadelphia, PA)

Hi Sue,
wow I'm impressed. I must say, you have a talent with putting words on paper!!! If I could write, that's exactly what I would have written (its a perfect summary of my intentions and experience). I am going to submit the cover letter and resume to a handful of jobs today.
Thank you so much.
Joe R. (Gilbert, AZ / New York,  NY)

Thank you for transforming my resume into a respectable and professional piece of art! I will now refer my friends and family to your wonderful service.
Todd W. (Milton, MA)

Hi Sue,
Guess what I got a job interview tomorrow! The interview is because of your awesomeness with the resume revisions!!! You are so DA BOMB! You're terrific! I'll definitely do anything to advertise this.
Tram D. (Huntington Beach, CA)

Just got a great job in Atlanta making more money than I even asked for!!! How can I ever thank you for all your help!!
Mary S. (Atlanta, GA)

Hi Sue,
I wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job on my resume! From the first few submissions, I received responses! The job market is tough and I know my resume is the first impression recruiters and hiring managers have of me. Thank you for making that first impression such a great one!!! I have recommended your service to many of my friends.
Thank you,
Cheryl G. (Pennsylvania)

Thanks a ton for the critique and the reformatting! (MS Word Mac 2011 and I aren't really on friendly terms yet.) Your services have been a huge help and I can honestly say that I'm more excited about and more confident in this resume than any I've ever put together before. I certainly won't hesitate to recommend your services to any of my colleagues and I'm sure you'll be hearing from me in the future when I'm ready for my next career move.
Dan S. (San Jose, CA)

Hello Sue!!
I cannot tell you how much I enjoy having you in my corner regarding resumes/job searches. It is such a level of comfort that stems from the many years of knowing you. There's always a warm spot inside me when I think of you. Thank you so much for your help!
Please let me know if there's anything else you need!
Matt C. (Ferndale, MI)

I want to let you know how fantastic my resume is thanks to you. I have been hearing from companies I never heard back from in the past. I want to thank you again for all that you did!
Lynn R. (Fort Pierce, FL )

Greetings Sue!
Your bio actually helped me land a new position in medical lab sales and I'm in training!! I have forwarded your info on to everyone I know who needs help. Thank you again.
Warm Regards,
Kasey W. (Atlanta, GA)

Hey there Sue,
You are awesome. My resume is miles beyond where it was! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!
Thanks a million,
Lisa P. (Scottsdale, AZ)

Hi Sue,
Seriously, what can I say? Where can I start? :-) The final product is awesome and it's a real pleasure to be a part of the writing process. That there is the real value of what I'm paying for: being part of the front to back (F2B) cv writing process! This unique selling point of yours stands you apart from the rest and I'm glad I made the right decision, if I think about it looking through all the list of options google displayed to me.
I will surely keep you informed of how it goes and you sure will come highly recommended from my side :-)
Many thanks for everything and for your time and patience and tips / suggestions / opinion along the way.
Best regards
Ewubare U. (Zurich, Switzerland)

Sue, I have to tell you, yours is a great service!!!! The job search is always a bit stressful and updating a resume is a real nightmare for me! LOL! I so sincerely appreciate being able to just turn this over to you without a worry!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Cheryl G. (returning client, Pennsylvania)

Good morning Sue,
First, I must say that the resume you wrote and updated truly looks amazing! You created a picture of me that I could never have done on my own, and that has given me a whole new perception of what I can do. Sue, you're a fabulous resume writer and I will continue to recommend you to my friends and family. I'm excited about having a refreshed resume ready for future possibilities; it's like having a face-lift. Thank you very much.
Donette C. (returning client, New York)

Hi Sue
I'm going to be sending you [Name Omitted] - a real good friend of mine who needs your help with her resume. I told her all about you and how you made such a difference. I tell everyone about you. Your resume and cover letter helped me to land the position of GM for [Name of Company Omitted] and I love my job for the first time in a long time. Like I said, whenever someone asks for help with their professional career, I always start with their resume and plug you as a valuable resource.
Regards, Peter B. (Philadelphia, PA)

Hi Sue,
I was just sending you an e-mail to let you know that I landed a registered nurse's job. Thank you so much for everything you did, you are an amazing resource and I have already told many of my fellow alumni about your services. Again, thank you so very much.
Sincerely, Susan T. (Canton, MI)

I am truly awe-struck by what you have done with my resume!! I can't say enough about this!! This is truly well worth your fees!! I am humbled by how your illuminated my years of experience, education, and hard work! You have a client for life in me! Blessings,
Demetrios F. (New York)

Thanks so much Sue! I actually started using this already and am amazed at the responses I've already received. We may be sending you my husband's shortly.
all the best,
Lisa M. (Houston, TX)

Hi Sue,
This looks amazing! Thank you very much for all of your work. I am very impressed with what you have done and I'm excited to apply for jobs now. Thank you so much,
Tom K. (La Mesa, CA)

Hi Sue,
Thanks a million for reworking my CV... you are truly an angel! I am in awe of the way you transformed my CV from a plain Jane to a glamorous starlet. The CV you created renews my confidence & hope of getting my dream job. Will let you know once I land it :-)
Once again, thanks so much for your help.
Elaine L. (Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia)

You rock! Thank you for all your help and for the beautiful resume. I still can't believe you worked a holiday weekend in order to get this done for me. (Recruiter name omitted) said it was a night and day difference between my old resume and the one you created. Thanks again for doing an awesome job.
Cammy G. (Houston, TX)

I've now had three recruiters tell me that my resume is one of the best they've ever seen and I've got interviews set up for all next week. Just want to say thank you for making a difference in what was a really (omitted) time in my life. For the first time in months I feel hopeful and excited about the future.
Jack P. (Toledo, OH)

Good afternoon! Just wanted to let you know I received an offer for the position in Dallas, Texas. I think when we last emailed I was going to Dallas for my interview/house hunting adventure. The interview went well and I connected right away with two of the three vice presidents. The other vice president was out of town and was relying on the others to make the hiring decision. So my husband and I spent the rest of the weekend looking for apartments in case I was offered the position.
Next thing I know they re-posted the position at a higher level. I figured they wanted a wider applicant pool and even though I felt the numerous phone and on-site interviews had went really well, this position was not meant to be for me. About a week later I received a call from HR explaining that they re-posted the position because management felt they wanted to offer me a promotional opportunity and relocation package if I would accept the position. It knocked my socks off!!!!! I am now in my last week in Tucson, AZ training my replacement and Friday I am off to Dallas, Texas to begin my next step in my career.
I can't thank you enough for the terrific resume, interview coaching insight, etc. that you have provided to me in pursuit of my career goals. Even though I plan to retire from [Name of Company Deleted] if my career plans change I know exactly where to turn for assistance.
Thank you again Sue!
L.L. (Dallas, Texas)

This looks wonderful, Sue! Somehow it says exactly what I wanted but couldn't quite convey thru my resume! All set! A tremendous thanks to you.
Todrina J. (Georgia)

Hi Sue,
It looks absolutely wonderful! You ROCK!!! I have 3 interviews set up for this week and feel so empowered with this one sheet of "Magic" words! I think your work is really professional and beautiful all rolled into one! I am so excited about how wonderful my resume looks! The web page is awesome!
Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me!!
Jessica N. (Wisconsin)

Sue, as best as one can get from an Internet working relationship, I have a “warm fuzzy” about working with you and trust your judgment and opinion explicitly, implicitly, and any other that I would need to... You’ve been the most informative “job search and resume guru” that I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my 20+ years of being in the business world!
Great job! Thanks very much.
Jeff M. (Berkley, Michigan)

Thanks for your excellent guidance and rewrites on the bios. I'll contact you later for some assistance with our website when that’s ready to be populated. Again, thanks for making this a great experience.
Dan R. (Arkansas)

Dear Sue,
It has truly been a pleasure - and a welcomed "gift" during what could have been a really dark time. Thanks again - You are truly providing a wonderful service - If there is anything that I could possibly do for you in the future, please do not hesitate to ask.
I promise I'll keep you posted!
Thanks again for a super job!
Betsy W. (Coral Springs, Florida)

I just want to thank you for taking the time and creating a professional resume for me. I already have 2 interviews set up for tomorrow with major CPG companies. Two of my recruiters stated that it was a night and day comparison between my old resume and new one. I am turning your name over to 2 of my co-workers to contact you for their resume. I am very pleased over the results and I am glad that I came to you. Thank you again for doing such an excellent and expedient job!
Y.J. (Nebraska)

I was blown away when I opened up the attachment and saw my resume! After reading it, I told my husband, "Even I would want to hire myself!" You have done an OUTSTANDING job of getting my skills and experience down. I can't thank you enough. I will definitely want to add a comment to your satisfied customer's list. I can't wait to see what my cover letter will look like.
Thank you SOOOO much!
Edie P. (Ohio)
Follow up: Sue, I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I had a second interview this morning. I received a job offer on the spot!! I have since accepted it and will be starting my new billing and coding job on Monday! Yay! I couldn't have done it without the amazing resume you created for me. I am so happy with the job you did that I am telling everyone I know about your services. Hopefully I will be able to send some business your way.

I used the resume and cover letter, and it got me in more than one door this week alone. Some of the jobs just turned out to be very far from my commuting area, as there was really no public transportation to rely on during winter days, not to mention the commuting time was not feasible (4 + hours one way).....but still they were perfect. Most people found me on job sites instead of me applying for the postings. And one recruiter called me last night for a new job they just got and was not even posted at the, how cool is that?
    In any case, I want to show my utmost sincere appreciation. Thanks!! YOU ROCK!!
Martha A. B. (Hamlin, PA)

The team from OpenDoor Resources recently participated in the MPI WEC conference held in Orlando. We were delighted to be the named sponsor for the Career Center. At the career center we offered free mini critique resume sessions with Sue Campbell Jones of, an OpenDoor Resources contributing expert. During Sue’s two days at the conference she conducting 32 personal one-on-one sessions and conducted another series by phone and email following the conference. (Following are just five of the many kind responses I received via e-mail [and by phone] from the wonderful people I had the opportunity to meet at the MPI WEC conference.)

Hello Sue,
It was very nice meeting you at WEC.
I want to tell you that the session with you was excellent (and I heard the same from everyone else that did it). You have a very positive approach, and you made me feel very comfortable.
The comments you made to my resume were excellent and I came home to make the changes. I like the result and I want to share it with you. If you have any additional comments or suggestions you are more than welcome to make them. Thanks again and I hope you are enjoying your weekend,
Maria (from Toronto)

OMG Sue, you are absolutely amazing!!!! It looks great... I would hire me :)
It's amazing that you are still helping me after the conference!!!!!
Were are you located? If you ever come to Toronto please let me know. It would be a pleasure to see you and show you around. I will definitely keep you posted. Thanks again,
Maria (from Toronto)

Hi Sue,
I met you at the WEC conference a few weeks ago where you reviewed and critiqued my resume. I wanted to let you know that I have gotten calls from 2 recruiters since then. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you.
La Sonia H.

Hello – It was great meeting you at MPI this week. Your assistance with my resume was wonderful. I truly appreciate your time. Thank you!
Rochelle G.

Oh wow - isn't that amazing! That looks so much better. Thanks so much Sue. I am so glad you were at WEC. My time with you gave me my ROI. Thank you for continuing to help, even after WEC.
Best regards,

Hi Sue,
Just wanted to let you know the first company that interviewed me (mentioned below) has offered me a position. I'll be starting at [company name deleted] as a senior technician in 2 weeks. It's a really good position and I'll be working on a project moving a newly acquired division... The human resource director commented on the resume. She said it was one of the best she'd ever seen, and she views professional CVs from Ph.D scientists. When she asked about it, I said I had professional help and she thought that was wonderful, stating it was an extra step not many take to really make an impression...overall, in 5 days I received 9 interviews. Approximately 80% of the companies responded. It literally got to the point I was booked solid and picked which companies I responded back to.
Once again thanks for all your help.
Mike B. previous e-mail:
Hi Sue,
I can't thank you enough for all your hard work and advice. After months of no replies on my resume I generated 3 interviews in 3 days. The big interview is this Monday. I'm going to study your website over the weekend, hopefully they make me a good offer.
I'm so phone is ringing finally :). Thanks so much
Mike B. (Ludlow, MA)

Hi Sue,
I am meeting with a recruiter today. I'll let you know what he thinks of this resume and if we need to make any changes.
Later that day: Just want to let you know that the recruiter loved the resume. He said it was one of the best he had seen. Thanks so much for your work.
Jordan P. (Reisterstown, MD)

Hi Sue:
All I can say is WOW....WOW...WOW.....the resume is simply AWESOME....I am definitely going to be recommending you to others for sure. I am also going to let [name omitted] over at [company omitted] know how this came out and to thank him as well. I have always had difficulty in talking about my accomplishments, but this resume is definitely going to change that. I am definitely more confident that I can go forward and get a new job. My wife just saw this for the first time and she is still picking her jaw up off the floor :-). What a great resume.
Thanks again
Mike L. (Missouri)

Hi Sue,
Just wanted to let you know that I talked to a recruiter today that said this "Shai, I received your resume last month, I was so impressed by the format and experience that I made it a point to print it out along with your email and keep it on my desk at the top of all my papers. I will definitely call you the moment anything comes up."
So thank you again!
Shai P. (Pennsylvania bound)
Follow up: Sue, I don't know how to thank you. I start Monday at [Company Name Deleted]. I came here on the 2nd and had two job offers and 3 other interview I had to turn down. I may have talent but your resume format and style definitely help me stand out! I continuously get accolades for the resume format.

Wanted to let you know I have had awesome feedback on my documents from several recruiters. Once again, thanks.
Paula B. (Jim Thorpe, PA)

Thanks again for all of your help, Sue. You made this so easy and the end result is amazing! You certainly took my average resume and turned it into an effective marketing tool along with the bio. I will definitely recommend you to others at [company name deleted] who may be seeking advice on resumes/bios as well as marketing themselves.
Best Regards,
Bill D. (Atlanta, GA)

Dear Sue,
I'm speechless! You've done a great job and I want to thank you very much for this. I'm completely satisfied with your work, you have the magic touch and I can see it all over my CV! It was a great pleasure for me to work with such a wonderful professional and person. Once again I want to thank you so much.
Certainly, I will keep you informed about my progress.
Best regards,
Luciano J. (Belgium)

Dear Sue,
It was a pleasure to work with you and come to such excellent work product! I will be definitely recommending you as a professional angel! Thank you!
Vahagn M. (Moscow, Russia)

Dear Sue,
Just a note to thank you for providing so much valuable information on your comprehensive web site! Because I’m undertaking a job search for the first time in 20 years, I’ve done a lot of research into best approaches and techniques for resumes, interviews and salary negotiation. You have condensed so much great advice into a very readable (and understandable) format, that I imagine you are launching many readers into successful job searches. Thanks for posting your awesome web site!!
Best regards,
Laura R. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Good morning, Sue!
I want to thank you for your work with me throughout this process. Your level of personal dedication, patience, and effort in creating the best value far exceeded the charge for your service. Not only did you create a quality product, you went above and beyond anything I expected, as well as making me "feel like the most important client...".
You are a truly wonderful and rare type of professional that I will recommend to anyone seeking career strategy services. If there's any way I can ever be of service to you, I would be more than happy. Thanks,
Chris T. (Liberty Hill, TX) - P.S. I now have a pair of your tennis shoes as my background :)

For your reference, I thought you might like to hear some comments about your work. Attached e-mail from his personal job agent: "This is possibly one of the best resumes I have ever read. I always look for leadership in a sales management person and clearly your resume shows me so much about you! Wow!"
Thanks. Gary G. (South Lyon, MI)

Hey Sue,
You have done such an amazing job on my resume! Thank you so much for all your time and effort. I would be thrilled if you could write my cover letter for me! And Later: What an amazing cover letter! I'm so impressed by your work that I recommended you to all of my friends. You will definitely be hearing from them soon!
Thank you so much!
M.S. (Staten Island, NY)

I can't thank you enough for the resume. I submitted it to a company as soon as I received it and I had my first interview today! Your service has been absolutely extraordinary. I have already begun telling my friends about your service. Thank you again and it has been a pleasure working with you.
All the best,
Brian K. (Wisconsin)

It's wonderful!!!! I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me, you have truly helped me achieve a direction for my life, not only that but provided me with the tools to attain these goals that much quicker. Thank you so so much again.
LindyLu E. (South Dakota)

Hey Sue,
WOW!! That resume sure makes it look like I have accomplished something in my life! You are the bomb. I just don’t know what to say other than THANK YOU!! My old boss from [Name Omitted] wants to see your work and is considering having his resume done so hopefully I can refer more business to you. Thank you Sue. Sincerely,
Michael B. (St. Louis, MO)

You make me look like a rock-star!!! Thanks!!
Blane C. (High Point, NC)

Ur work is truly exceptional! Cover letter looks good. Web page looks excellent! Your work is exceptional and well worth the investment. Thank you for having patience with me and the work u put in on this. Also, a friend of mine [Name Omitted] will be emailing u soon to get his done also. I'll make sure that anyone I know that need this done is referred to u. Thanks again,
Jack G. (Chicago, IL)

Ok just so you know..........
01/21/10 - Regi H. gave his [company name omitted] contacts a copy of the old "broke down" resume to which he received very little if any applause.
01/25/10 - Having Sue Campbell Jones critique my resume - priceless!!!!!!
02/00/10 - Sue Campbell Jones agrees to work with Regi "doubting thomas" H. and takes his resume to the executive forge and re-tools it.
03/04/10 - Regi H. applies for a PM position with [company name omitted] with the "new" bionic cover letter, resume and business cards!
04/7/10 - 2hr (face to face) interview with [company name omitted]
04/14/10 - 8hr (face to face) interview with [company name omitted] - it was a gauntlet. I had to meet with all of the capital project division managers including the Director of Capital Projects - INDIVIDUALLY
04/19/10 - I was offered a PM post on the [company name omitted]'s Capital Project Team with their Special Projects Team - did I tell you that this was my dream job!
04/20/10 - I accepted their offer!!!!
Sue - words can not express my gratitude for your hard work and expertise - I know that if it was not for you I would not have had an opportunity for this post.
As soon as I am settled in the new post I will send you my contact information - if you ever get to Seattle, look me up you've got a steak dinner with your name on it!!!!!
Thanks again!!!!
Reginald H. (Renton, WA) See Regi's previous message. below.

 I just thought that I would drop you a quick line - My resume, as the kids say is "da bomb" :)
     I have had a few interviews and everyone and I mean everyone that sees it is just blown away! I was told during my interview with an associate director that her boss (who I will be interviewing with shortly) was telling her that if he had to have a resume this is the way he would want it to look.
     Oh yea and the web site; well I don't think they have seen anything like it before - yea me. And the business card; well that just makes peoples jaws drop. I have to laugh (to myself) when I have business card to hand out and the interviewers don't.
     During the last interview the interviewer asked me where I had my resume done - have you ever seen anyone say something but they really don't say anything? Sorry but you are going to be my best kept secret until I get a job. Thanks so much!!! - I will keep you posted
Reginald H. (Renton, WA)

Everything looks wonderful! I am so impressed with your work! Maybe now someone will be extremely impressed with me! Well worth the money!
Thanks, Terrie P. (Elmhurst, IL)

Sue, All I can say (and my wife, too) is that this looks great!  I like how it flows. The top section gives a good summary/synopsis and engages you, and you can go to the rest of the resume for more detail. Really well done. It definitely is not as dense and is much more pleasant to read. I found myself wanting to hire this guy!
John E. (Saratoga Springs, UT)

Dear Sue Campbell Jones,
I have recently reviewed many employment and career strategy websites. Yours is certainly the best I’ve seen in the industry, and also one of the most informative and organized websites I’ve seen period! I would like to hire you to write my executive resume and cover letter... (Later in the process): As expected, you are a real professional. Resume looks great! I am thrilled with your writing skills. I can’t thank you enough. Many thanks,
Marty L. (Chattanooga, TN)

Good Morning Sue,
I wanted to thank you again for your services and for making me feel not like a client but as a family member. Your professionalism is extraordinary and I will pass on your website to anyone I know who may need it. It has been a pleasure working with you. I will keep you abreast of future progress. I too hope this move to Florida works out, but either way...I have an EXCELLENT resume and cover letter.
Bruce C. (Florida)

Hey Sue, WOW! Not sure what else I could say other than WOW!!!. Now can you find me that job? You know the one I am looking for. Seriously, thank you so much. You don't know the relief I feel because of the efforts you have put into this. I have already recommended you to some people who may need you. I know my abilities and I find it difficult to put it on paper, and you have worked wonders in telling my story. I truly cannot thank you enough. Everything is great. I will keep you posted on my endeavors if it is ok? Take care and God Bless,
Dallas A. (Florida)

YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! This is much better. I’m sure you could sense my frustration before. It felt like I almost had it but was unable to get the formatting right. You’re wonderful!! I'm going to tell everyone I know how quick, easy and thorough your critique services are, how you went the extra mile for me – and even on a weekend. I have to admit that I was very leery about using the internet to contact an absolute stranger and reveal so much information about myself, but you’ve put me at ease—very professional on your part. This critique has been the best. Thanks again,
Julie C. (Norfolk, NE)

Hi Sue,
I just want to say again thank you so much!! Everyone I have shown my resume to is so impressed. I cannot believe how the resume looks. I always knew all the different things that I had done and do in my position but could never communicate everything. Thank you so much for helping me do so. It looks great. Thanks once again.
Miriam D. (Statesboro, GA)

Dear Sue,
You have won me over. Your quick and earnest reply to my request for help is not the norm on the Internet. I did not get an automated reply that promises a future contact that never comes, nor did I receive a price list--you genuinely helped me. I will keep you posted--I think I need you as my manager. Thanks again,
Don H. (North Carolina)

Thank you so much for your time and expertise. I am really pleased with the end result. Tough to summarize 33 years of experience in two pages. I know that I can always rework the content to meet the specific job I am applying for, and appreciate your feedback so much. I will continue to pass your name on to other nurses I work with. Your expertise has been a great service for me. Very sincerely,
Phoebe A. (Chandler, AZ)

Thank you so much for this critique. Your website definitely told the truth. The critique is very detailed. Thank you again for your great suggestions, and incredibly fast turn-around. I have done most of the formatting, per your suggestions, and already (I think) my resume looks wonderful. I'm really excited. I am still working on adding various descriptions, also per your suggestions. Just a matter of figuring out what to say that makes sense.
Thank you again. It's been great working with you. I'll be recommending you to others.
Maureen B. (South Carolina)

Dear Sue
Many thanks for your assistance. It has been a true pleasure working with you and I will highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to put together their cv. I am not sure I have come across a service before with such professionalism, integrity and warmth all in one!
Kind regards
Sara G. (London, England)

Well, I have very good news! I have received and accepted a job offer to work as a Senior Applications Engineer. I start on Monday, and the starting salary is much more than I expected! I used a tip on salary negotiation from your website. :-) I am so excited, and relieved, that I have been able to find an engineering position. I was beginning to worry that my skills were outdated and irrelevant. This is the start of a new career and new life for me. I plan to make the most of it by excelling in this position and furthering my education by pursuing an MBA. Sue, I owe this new start, my career, my life, and my sanity to you. Your resume writing skills opened the door for me and the information presented on your website properly prepared me for the interview. Should anyone I know require your services, I will always refer them to you.
Thank you so much.
Michael J. (Dallas, TX)

Thank you so much for making this entire process far less painful than I had anticipated. The quality resume that you've created will definitely give me the professional edge that I need. You rock Sue! Your entire website is super helpful too.
Thank You.
Natacha M. (Flushing, NY)

I am speechless!!! Absolutely!!! I just took a peek at it at the topjobcandidate site and my mouth dropped. Sue, you have made one of the most important things in my life look phenomenal!! This resume will definitely sell me in the job industry and get me the interview. You are the best of the best at what you do!!!
Again, thank you thank you thank you!!!
Rachel C. (Conway, Arkansas)

Sue, this resume you have put together for me is outstanding. I am really appreciating your approach to this, as it is opening me up to how much I really did and accomplished.
Thank you very much!
John S. (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Hi Sue!
I absolutely LOVE IT! You're a genius! You've done such a wonderful job and I'm feeling much more confident about my upcoming meetings! The finished product looks fantastic.
I'll definitely be in touch with you again
Lara M. (Canada)

Hi Sue,
The resume looks so great now! Thanks a lot. I'll keep you posted about the results of my application. I just went very briefly through your home page. It's very, very nice (tennis boots, citations of famous people, etc.) and very encouraging. You have much positive energy, one can feel it ;-).
Maria B. (Ontario)

Note: secures over 75% of its new clients through direct referrals from past clients, which is why the client above hadn't actually viewed the website until after her resume work was done.

I want to thank you for your hard work and helping me with the process of going through this exhausting and exciting road to hopefully a very successful career. I will keep you posted :). You are very personable and attentive and it's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future and recommending you to my friends.
Olga R. (Stamford, CT)

You are amazing! In a short time you have rejuvenated my career. What incredible skills you have! You are the best! I am going to send out the resume to a couple prospective employers. I know I will receive responses this time, thanks to you!
Best Regards,
Michael J. (Dallas, TX)

My resume looks wonderful. Thank you so much for your guidance and professionalism in this process it has also been a pleasure working with you. You have exceeded my expectations. Rest assured that when anyone mentions a resume and updates I will definitely refer them to you. I will keep you posted on my progress.
Once again, thank you.
Robert C. (Brookline, MA)
Oh, my wife reviewed my resume and is now considering using your services to have her resume written. We will let you know.

I wanted to email you. I was hired by the Chamber of Commerce to be their Festival Manager, and Leadership Coordinator. This event draws over 200,000 people every year. This is the 31st year for the festival. As a “newbie” to the area I didn’t think I would have a chance at such a strong local event. But low and behold due to my excellent résumé and those fantastic interview questions you provided, I am now the Festival Manager. It made the front page of the newspaper here! Thank you! Thank you! for all your words of encouragement and those great interview tips. I truly feel you played an important part in my getting this “dream job.”
Best Regards,
Sabra J. (Ohio)

My brother-in-law [Name Deleted] has recently used your services and amazingly starting getting phone call after phone call for interviews and has had several offers. I would like for you to assist me in re-working my resume and help me with my job search. Let me know what information you need from me.
Mayra M. (Houston, TX)

Hi Sue...
I just want to say how appreciative I am for all your help and knowledge in this arena. If it is one thing I know for sure in my search for a job, it is how fortunate I am to have come across your website. I am not one to hire and/or buy from the internet as a rule. Your professionalism and help through all of this is far more than I ever thought I would receive.
Cindy L. (Phoenix, AZ)

Hi Sue,
This is Michael [last name deleted] from Dallas, TX. You helped me back in 2007 with my resume. Thanks to your fantastic work I landed a job in Nov 2007 and now I'm approaching 2 years with a great company! Thanks so much for all that your do and the many people I'm sure that you are helping in these tough times. God Bless!
Michael J. (Dallas, TX)

I have but one phrase: U R BAD..... Great Fantastic Job - I am soooo pleased. You were God sent - Thanks for pushing this through. Worth every dime!!!!
Maurice B. (Cordova, Tennessee)

The resume looks phenomenal. The work was exceptional. I am blown away with the quality and quantity of resources I have. It has been a sincere pleasure working with you. Thanks so much, and I will keep you posted as to where my career takes me!
Jim G. (South Carolina)

Dear Sue,
Thank you so very much for creating and maintaining your web page on writing a proper letter of recommendation. I was asked by an old friend and colleague for just that and had no idea how to proceed. Your instructional page not only showed me clearly how to create this letter, it explained to me why to write the letter in a certain fashion which empowers me to create other document of a similar nature. You made a daunting task simple and even enjoyable! Thank you again for your time and efforts.
Yours sincerely,
Steve J.

Sue, I do thank you for doing such a wonderfully, detailed was more than I could have asked or imagined. The excellence of your work is a ministry to others and I do appreciate all the correspondence and time you've taken to help me accomplish my goals. My resume is professional, not boring, and a concise snapshot of who I am and what I do. Thank you for helping me lay the next stepping stone in my life,
Ashley B. (Nashville, TN)

This is great!!! I really love your suggestions and the new layout. I also went to your website and grabbed the list of questions which were very helpful! I really appreciate your help and would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a job! Your personalized service and advice really make a big difference.
Thank you!
Cheryl G. (Brookhaven, Pennsylvania)

I had to read it three times because I was so impressed. You did a FANTASTIC job with the language and content. I just can't say "thanks" enough for your help and expertise with the cover letter.
Roger F. (Jacksonville, Florida)

Hi Sue!
Thanks for all of your help with my resume! Everything must have worked because I have an interview with [Company Name Deleted] as an Industrial Engineer in [Location Deleted] next week. I will keep you posted!
Thanks again!
Katie H. (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Hi Sue!
After going through several rounds of interviewing, I got the job and I start on Monday.
Thanks again for all of your help!
Katie H.

Don't wait, don't hesitate. Today's the best day to move forward.Sue,
Thank you very much. You went well above and beyond my expectations. I can only imagine how fulfilling it must be to help people like me on a daily basis. You do great work and I will be sending people your way. Thank you very kindly; it was well worth it.  Sincerely,
Jeremy H. (Antioch, Tennessee)

Well, I guess we're done here. With the business end of our agreement, that is. I want to thank you sincerely for all your patience and counseling, Sue. You've done a great job, and I hope very much this document will open doors. Your kind remarks caused me to blush and lifted my confidence. I'm overwhelmed, Sue, and speechless.
As to the rest, you're a treasure.
Very best,
Jan G. (Wayne, Pennsylvania)

You made this process painless. You worked very hard (6-7) days a week with me, and I really and truly appreciate the high quality work. I will be glad to refer you to anyone I know. I look forward to working with you in the future, as I'm sure I will have many questions. Good luck with the new work on the web site. I look forward to seeing the new changes and additions. It was a real pleasure working with you Sue.
I'll talk to you soon, you rock! Thanks again,
Sam M. (Pennsylvania)

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your immediate assistance in a time of panic and frustration. This will be a testimonial you can put on your website. The professional way that you hung in there with me all day was as if I were conversing with a friend. Your expertise has presented me well on paper. Ironically, I was very skeptical of even going online to seek assistance, but when I came across your website and read the testimonials touting your professional assistance, I thought perhaps I should put my skepticism aside and write to you. You have made this effortless and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your immediate assistance. The higher powers seems to be at work and I am grateful.
Again, thank you and continued success in your business. I will definitely refer your site to my friends and colleagues.
Diane R. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Hi Sue,
I got a job offer today from [company name deleted] (contracting of course) for a Project Analyst job making almost twice as much money as I made at [company deleted] and will finally give me a nice challenge in a job I never have before.
So thank you thank you thank you thank you, your resume was the reason I got called in so quickly.
Tricia M. (Port Orchard, WA)

I really like it. You do great work. The cover letter is awesome. You have been great. Will keep you posted.
Robert J. (Washington, DC)

Sue, you've been fabulous. Very professional and upbeat and willing to help. Thank you so much. Love the way I am represented. We'll be moving soon and I will let you know how my job search is going. I hope I can impress them now with the right interview questions.
Thanks again,
Marion K. (Canada)

Hi Sue,
Wow! This looks wonderful, I love it! I think the resume is so well written and really just describes me and my experiences so well. Thank you so much, until I found your web site, credentials, I was almost giving up hope. I really feel like I can go back out there and submit my resume to jobs with much more confidence.
Thank you again, I am more than happy with how you developed my new resume.
Tara M. (New Jersey)

Hi Sue,
Wow - what a letter! Thank you so much for doing it so quickly and on a Sunday night!!! John thought the letter was excellent. We both can't thank you enough for all your help. The letter will go out first thing tomorrow - please keep your fingers crossed! We will let you know how things turn out.
Thank you again - you don't know how much we appreciate this.
Have a great day!
Debbie H. (Delaware)

Hi Sue,
You've done an outstanding job. I can tell you your website and email are now in "my favorites" and "personal address book". The resume will surely get me the interviews. You have a new fan. If I can be of support in return in anyway let me know; testimonial, etc...
Thanks again for your support.
Jonathan T. (Maryland)

Hi Sue!
I've started a new job. (about 45 days ago). It's going great! Thanks for such a great resume and most of all your personal attention and response. I will be referring as much business as possible your way.
All the best!
Tim P. (Edmond, Oklahoma)

Thank you. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the resume. It is very confident, but not overstated. My husband is also very impressed and I am encouraging him to get his updated with you. And, I put my resume on and the phone rang, literally, within 2 minutes after I submitted my resume. WOW.
J. Walker (Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida)

Hi Sue,
I received the file and it helped greatly in my preparation. The interview went very very well, and I wanted to say thank you. I have sent the link to your website to all my friends to check out your services. Thanks again.
Sue E.
P.s. The dancing tennis shoes rock!

Thank you, I truly think you did a superior job on my resume critique, above and beyond what I had expected.
Again Thank You
Dennis K. (Union City, Michigan)

Hi Sue,
Thank you so much for allowing me the experience of working with you, I can assure you it has been a very pleasant and uplifting process for me. Always nice to meet people who are more than excellent at what they do and genuinely nice people while doing it. Thank you again for all your help and your good wishes.
Best regards,
Dan S. (Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania)

Hi Sue,
The skill and effort on your part was above and beyond. Sue. You made me feel like your most important client. (Hey, you're good !!!). You really do get into what it is you do and it shows. Again, Thank You!!! I am looking forward to working with you again (just not that late in the evening !!!). I promise !!!
Best Regards,
Steve M. (Chesterfield, Michigan)

Hello Susan,
I am happy to announce I got the job. They couldn't wait to interview me because the resume just blew them out of the water (and blew the other candidates out of the boat). Thank you so much for jamming on the update.
Dave H. (Encino, California)

I finally got a chance to go over this. You did a great job! Both my wife and I are very impressed. This is great! I cannot thank you enough.
Dean M. (Salt Lake City, Utah)

I had an interview yesterday for that Job I applied for. They wanted me to start immediately. Unfortunately I have to finish out the year at [Name Deleted]. They did say that my resume was the best they have seen and my qualifications set the bench mark for what they are looking for.
Your work is fantastic and more than timely. Feel free to use me as a reference.
Thanks a million,
Dave K. (Merrimack, New Hampshire)

That looks absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!! Thank you so much. I also reviewed the cover letter which looks amazing as well! You are extremely talented at making people look their best on paper!!!!! What an accomplishment, I feel people are going to get an accurate assessment of my skills, abilities and personality by reviewing my resume! Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work to getting this done!!!! I will definitely recommend you to others!
Thanks again!!
Courtney P. (Dallas, Texas)

Thanks for everything, your services have been top notch! If I ever meet someone in need you better believe I will recommend you and your work.
Pete S. (Tualatin, Oregon)

Dear Sue:
All I can say is Wow! I just got a chance to open up email today and looked at this incredible critique. Later today I will go to work on it and see how it looks. Please let me know how I can pay for the first part of your services...I am so appreciative and do not want to delay in taking care of it.
Thank you so very much,
Heather P. (Florida)

Thanks so much for everything! I really appreciate all you have done; and like I have read from one of your other clients “what you have done far exceeds the resume”! Your dedication and genuine caring reaffirms my belief that the world does contain good people. I am sure that I will be in contact with you again as I need to run thoughts and ideas by you for your professional opinion. BTW – I can not figure out how I found your web site originally….it must have been a God Send.
Kind regards,
Wes W. (Carlsbad, CA)

I wanted to let you know that I accepted a job today. The resume you created for me was wonderful. The recruiter asked that I send my resume to her so that she could review it and make changes that she felt would help me in landing a job opportunity. After I sent her the resume that you did she responded by telling me it was one of the best resumes she had seen and she suggested changing nothing.
Thank you very much.
Steven M. (Maryland)

Looks Great! Miracle Worker is what your title should be!!!!!!! Thanks for all of your help! Don't worry, when I find that new gig on the east coast... I will stalk you until you come work for me as a copy director..... The resume was just a test... : -)
Thanks again... YOU ROCK!
Pam J. (Michigan)

Hi Sue,
I went to a recruitment evening today, and showed my resume to a [company name deleted], she was very impressed with the quality and lay out, and gave a very good remark for it. Thank you again so much for doing such a wonderful job. I have also referred a few friends to your service. They have read my resume and all were very happy with the quality. They will be in contact with you soon.
Clarence G. (Australia)Sue Campbell has over 15 years experience as a professional resume writer and career management specialist - helping clients achieve their career, business and marketing goals.

Hello Sue
I thought I’d let you know that I got a phone interview last Friday and tonight received another phone call for an interview in person. I am quite nervous and excited. Thank you so much, I could not have gotten that far without your help. I will let you know the outcome.
Thanks again
Kitty L. (Canada)
Follow up:

I apologize for taking so long to send you an email. You can guess I have been very busy IN MY NEW JOB!!! I did get the job and I'm loving it. I started this week, and it's great. So thanks again for your help rewriting my resume!!!
Kitty L. (Canada)

Ms Campbell,
I want to say thank you so much for those questions. They really helped me with what I must say was one of the most interesting interviews I have ever had. Your words helped tremendously, and the fact that I had a list of prepared questions on hand for the panel was an absolute plus! I'm starting tomorrow at my dream job at [Company Name Deleted], where I have been asked to join the Creative Department as a copywriter.
God bless you, Sue, and continue the good work you are doing.
Always grateful,
Halcian P. (Trinidad)

It’s awesome. I wish I contained the literary expertise that writers such as yourself have—to be able to craft something as elegant as this still amazes me. Just goes to show how powerful of a tool writing can be.
Much Thanks,
Chris O. (Kansas)

Dear Sue,
This is incredible! I have never received so much useful information and I truly appreciate your candor … it is wonderful to have someone be so frank and honest. I took your advice about the email address … it is now [deleted] … I am not 45 … that was just an address assigned to me when I set up this account … I cannot believe that you were THE only person to actually have enough guts to tell me that.
Thank you,
Pat L. (Media, Pennsylvania)

Ms. Campbell,
Thank you so much!!! My resume looks great. You have the magic touch and are truly talented. I would highly recommend your services to everyone :)
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Liza P. (Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin)

Hi Sue,
Thanks a lot for all your help. Words cannot describe my gratitude for all the effort put forth by you in helping me to get to this point. Once again, please accept my thanks for the wonderful job that you have done.
Warm regards,
Anil K. (Skokie, Illinois)

Thank you very much for all your help. The job fair was really an interview. And the interviewer was very impressed with my resume and really liked my job hunter card. She said it was her first time seeing one like it! (card). She also stated she was impressed that I was a member of the AWBA. Everything you suggested, I did, and those were the same exact things the interviewer commented on. If I get this job I owe it all to you. I mailed your check gratefully this morning! Thank you ever so much!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Feel free to use me as a testimony on your web site. You are the BEST!!!
Sheila S. (Louisiana)Sue Campbell has over 15 years experience as a professional resume writer and career management specialist - helping clients achieve their career, business and marketing goals.

All I can say is WOW! You are really good at what you do. I am really happy how this is shaping up. You have taken my thoughts and described them perfectly. Thanks,
Matt G. (Georgia)

I am the LUCKIEST girl in the world to have found and picked you to write about me. Finally a document that truly represents the power of the work I have done. Even after so much investment in my work as a professional, I've never been able to toot my own horn without cringing at the attention it got. As a result I've been misunderstood and have had to prove myself over and over again by the work. With this resume, I don't feel I'm going to have to do that because it's in the words you've chosen and the continuity of their relationship to me.
I am so grateful to you. Sue, I just needed you so much. Google found you, I just asked the right question.
Captain, we're ready to go!
Sondra S. (Texas)

Hi Sue,
I cannot Thank You enough for your critique, this is the first time I ever felt comfortable going through an on-line source for any kind of help. Again, Thank You, your information was so helpful and motivated me to do it by myself. (And a bit later, after some help with the formatting:) You are awesome, Thank You so much, you did an outstanding job with my resume, it's amazing.
Again Thank You so much for all your help, I will definitely refer you to others.
S.D. (Volo, Illinois)

Hi Sue,
Thanks! These are good comments, just what I expected from a professional. I'll be re-writing it based on your detailed suggestions and let you review again.
Nice meeting you.
Brian C. (Orion, Michigan)

YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!! Guess what??? [State deleted] has just started a lottery. It's been in the paper about how thousands of resumes have been received by the director- he called me yesterday and I met with him today!!! I saw the stack of resumes on his desk and we talked about how many he has received. I will find out this week if I get the job! I got in! THANKS TO YOU!!! AMAZING. You are the best. I'll keep you posted. I'll send you the info from the paper about how many resumes are being sent to him.
(Four days later...) - Can you believe it?? He offered me the job! We are negotiating. Unbelievable.
(And finally...) - Oh my God, I could not have dreamed up a more wonderful job. The organizational chart has me very near the top!! I have given your name to a couple people. My new work e-mail is [deleted]. I'll keep you posted. I hope to meet you one day, You have changed my life! All the best my friend.
Jan C. (state omitted)

Hey, Susan...
Gosh, when I first checked into AOL this AM, I didn't see your messages. I immediately realized how much I am going to miss communicating with you when we're finished with my resume.
     Words really cannot express what a significant part our communications have played in my ability to discipline myself to stay "in the moment" and present to whatever arises for me. I get it...this is what you encounter people in life transition constantly.
     I just want to acknowledge you for the great work you're doing...and who you are for people. Given the difference you've made in my life, I know you're doing the same for countless others. The resume I'll be getting, while so well-done, is only a part of the value I've received from you.
B.D. (Arkansas)

Dear Sue,
Thank you so much for writing a professional bio for me. I never knew what a bio was and did not realize just how important it is until you wrote it for me. Your writing is exceptional. You provide prompt, professional and superior customer service and I thank you for that. You are so nice to work with and you made the process of working through email so seamless and simple. I am so impressed with your ability to write such a detailed and insightful bio just from reviewing my resume and “chatting” via email. You have defined the term “internet commerce” for me. I can’t believe I was able to email you, get a response within hours and have a first draft within 24 hours. You are awesome! It was a great pleasure working with you and I am spreading the word about you around Miami!
      Please keep me in your contact list. If there is ever anything I can to do help you in the Miami area.
Thank you again,
Stephanie S. (Miami, FL)

Thank you!! I will contact you soon to let you know how it is going. Thanks for the heads up on [company name deleted] – they do have some positions that I plan to look into including a Project Manager – IT position.
     You have taken an uncomfortable/unfamiliar task and made it simple! If I was good with words I would write your praises on this project – I do know that I'll refer your name to others.
Barbara H. (Kingfisher, OK)
... and 8 days later:
YEA!!! Oh I am so proud of you Sue! YOU did it – got me the first interview! Thank You!
I have read your tips that you e-mailed, send any other interview tips you might have!
Barbara H. (Kingfisher, OK)
(From Sue: just to be clear, I didn't do it, Barbara did it

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time you have taken to provide me with your insight and guidance in my job search efforts and planning. I felt like a ton of bricks were lifted off my shoulders after talking with you and reading through your e-mails. So, again, thank you so much. You have given me a lot of information to get started. I can't wait. I have gained more insight and direction from talking with you today than I have in talking with three different recruiting firms.
Sandy S. (Minneapolis, MN)

Hi Sue!!
You are amazing!!!!!!! I can not thank you enough. I can't believe how incredibly efficient you are!!! I love the way my resume turned out :). Everything looks great. I am so happy with the final result!!! :) Really, Sue, I am so grateful for your help! You did so much in a short amount of time. I feel so much more confident going to my job fair today with such a great looking resume :). Thanks!!!
Stacey S. (Seattle, WA)

I would like to thank you again for your advice. I just got back from an interview which was scheduled days after I made the changes that you recommended, and I have others scheduled. Your service was really invaluable.
Thanks again!
Matthew M. (Tacoma, WA)

Hi Sue,
The conference was brilliant. They were very impressed with me! I managed to get the card printed and boy did they look good. Everybody was impressed. Thank U VERY VERY MUCH. Oh may I add that I WAS THE ONLY STUDENT with a card like mine. They were really IMPRESSED, with the cards, and my long journey to the conference. At least 7 prospective employers wanted to offer me positions and interviews. Boy, was I happy that I felt SO the top Fortune 500 felt so GOOD...THANKS 4 EVERYTHING Sue.
I will talk 2 u soon about this. Many thanks again.
Stuart B. (London, England)
Sue Campbell offers over 15 years experience as a professional resume writer and career strategist helping clients achieve their career, business and marketing goals

Just for your information and feel free to use any of this. The resume you prepared for me helped me secure an extremely high paying and specialized contract in Iraq to train the Iraqi National Police Force as a Police Advisor. I had never done this type of work before and I'm sure it was how my skills and experiences were displayed in my resume that set me apart from numerous other applicants. It enabled me to venture onto new fields of employment which I had long been desirous of doing. Thank you, I will definitely be using you in the future.
Brett L. (Australian Ex-Pat)

Dear Sue,
Thank you for your advice and assistance in completing my resume. Your level of customer service was extraordinary. It was a pleasure to work with you.
Tim O. (San Antonio, Texas)

Perfection!!! This is perfect and exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve never been happier with a service, thank you so much. Please send me an invoice and I’ll immediately send you a check for your [professional bio] services. Thanks again.
Kindest Regards,
Joshua W. (Bedford, Texas)

Hi Sue,
Got everything and it looks good. I really like the Web page with the link for a printable pdf, that’s slick. It’s been super working with you and I really enjoy this format.
Take care and again, THANKS!!!
Richard A. (North Carolina)

Hi Sue,
I think that the bio went over well. I’m sooooo glad that I went with your services. For one job, the one you geared it to, it will go to some big yuckity-yucks including someone hired by a big PR firm in [location deleted] to help this [company info deleted]. I still have to impress them in phone interviews, but it will no doubt help having had your professional bio as an introduction.
I will surely call you if I need anything further. Looking forward to working with you again, and will use any opportunity to suggest your services to others.
Rebecca T. (Berkeley, CA)

I am not sure that you remember me, but I am the recent architecture graduate who was seeking help in getting a jump start to a career...... well, I have had amazing success and just wanted to say thanks... at the moment I am enjoying a wonderful new job here in Denver with a successful firm.... which considering the time frame is amazing.... it has been just over a month since I had been working with you... I sent out approximately 13 resumes and have had a reply rate of over 60%... considering the current job market and the time of year, I have been pleasantly surprised.... thank you! I feel blessed to have come across your name... take care... wishing you the best...
Lori S. (Denver, Colorado)

Hi Sue,
It's been a couple of weeks since you polished my resume, and I am so thrilled with the high quality of your services. Within a two week span, I've landed interviews with Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, American Express Financial, and Maximus Government Consulting. Your writing skills are superb! Today, I'm preparing for my second interview at Microsoft on Monday.
    Thanks again, Sue. Your warm, professional attitude shines through your communication and services. Keep up the great work, and wish me luck at Microsoft!
Sincerely yours,
Linette M. A. (Silver Spring,
ps: I've since referred several job seekers to your website for services.

Dear Sue,
I'm bowled over! Thank you so very much for these excellent suggestions. I also appreciate your kind words in telling me I have a good start on my resume. I will work on the revisions and forward you the revised version next week. And thank you again for your help. That was, without question, the best [$] I've ever spent!
Gratefully yours,
Christine E. (Phoenix, AZ)

I love this service. Here I am sitting in Shanghai with someone I have never met on the other side of the world doing my CV the day after I have sent it to her. Incredible thing the internet!
Fraser W. (Peoples
Republic of China)

You constructed a great resume for me earlier this year, around March. I was very pleased with the results. I've had several jobs prospects since then. I've always thought it was due to the resume. I just wanted to let you know that I have accepted a new position with a new company. I am very excited about the move and really looking forward to it. Thanks again for the great work you did.
Steve B. (Louisville, Kentucky)

Thank you for your very informative critique. It was definitely more than I expected. A bargain for the cost. Thank you again for your great work.
Chan D. (Flower Mound, TX)

Success! I not only opened the attachment, but printed it out here at home. I swear to you, this is a big deal to me. I am so grateful that I have smart, nice, and by the way-beautiful, people like you in my life. Thank you for everything you do. Everyone comments on how well my CV is constructed - all thanks to you.
    Your web site is great! Your picture is beautiful. It shows your beauty & professionalism. Is that a word? :) Anyway, I can't wait till my book gets published (maybe then I can make the accolades section :)). I hope you're laughing. Seriously, it is professional, informative, easy to follow, yet personal. It would make me choose you again to work with. You're a gem!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Julie P. (Chicago, IL)

Hi Sue,
Thank you for your impressive, always prompt, courteous and professional service. You have helped me tremendously. The people to whom I have shown my resume thus far have all commented on how good it was. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone needing a resume. Thanks again! Regards,
Lillian P. (Coral Springs,

Hi Sue!
You did such an awesome job on my resume! I can't believe how great it looks!! :-). Ok, so now would you help me with three cover letters? I've attached a sample cover letter. I will be sending you the three jobs I would like to apply for. Thanks again for everything! My resume looks awesome thanks to your excellent writing skills!
Jodi S. (St. Louis, Missouri)

Your web design reflects well on our professionalism. Thank you for all your great work.
Ted M. (St. Augustine, Florida)

Hi Sue
The bio looks really good. Everything else looks great. We think you have done a wonderful job.  What a value for the money!   We will also highly recommend you to other people that are working on their bios. I, too, am glad Steve referred me to you.  I really appreciate the hard work and quick manner in which you got this done.  I will definitely keep your email address on file for the future.  That’s the thing about bios and resumes, they always need updating! It was wonderful working with you! Thank you so much!!! 
Best regards,
Brooke & Steve S. (Georgia)

Many thanks for your excellent service! It has been a pleasure working with you. I've submitted the application and am keeping my fingers crossed. In the meantime, I will also be tailoring my resume for other positions. I am grateful to have a useable 2 page template. Best regards,
Lori M. (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)

The resume looks fantastic. I'm really pleased with the way it has turned out. Thank you very much. Thanks,
Todd H. (Powder Springs, GA)Sue Campbell offers over 15 years experience as a professional resume writer and career strategist helping clients achieve their career, business and marketing goals

Thank You very much for taking my ramblings and making them sound so professional. You have done for me what I do for companies, describing and documenting what they do! Thanks again for making me look good;
Patty A. (Winthrop, Massachusetts)

Hi Sue,
I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all of your feedback. Your feedback and information was invaluable. Additionally, I have referred your services to several other professionals. Thanks again,
Spencer K. (Glenview, IL)

Hi there Sue,
WOW, you ARE the best....I am so glad I found you and feel so fortunate to have you as my "resume mentor/helper..." Thanks for the info in this e-mail. I am SOOO excited about this "resume web page..." I have heard of them but now I! have my own...very this something I inform people I am networking with of in writing or what is the best way to approach using this awesome resource???? Talk with you soon.
Stephanie R. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Hello Sue,
It looks absolutely GREAT!!!! I am going to send it straight away to apply for the job in Houston. With this resume and a bit of luck I stand a pretty good chance of securing the position. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again very much for your professional help and service. Excellent, well worth the money spent!
Kind regards and take care,
Bram J. (The Netherlands)

Hi Sue,
Here are the things you requested. Boy what service! I thought I was the only one who worked on Saturdays. Everything looks excellent so far. I would recommend you to anyone seeking an excellent resume. My wife will be contacting you very soon to do hers. She has none at all so will need to do it from scratch.
Thanks again!
Alan S. (North Wales, PA)

Once again it looks great. Really... it looks awesome, and it would take me days to come up with something half this good. I appreciate all your help and services you truly are the best Sue! I have been interviewing and I have a couple job offers that are excellent.
Just wanted to give you an update and thanks again!
Darryl V. (Antioch, CA)

Hi Sue,
I thought I would let you know that my boss informed me that ***** had talked to him about the position that I was looking into and I have encouraging news for both of us. One of the consultants told my boss that my resume was very impressive and that they had been looking for someone with more experience but now that they had seen my resume they were leaning toward me! I just wanted to let you know that, and to say thanks, all your hard work is paying off. At least I am still in the running, for being so young I think that is really encouraging.
Thanks again-
Courtney T. (Columbia, Missouri)

Hi Sue,
Just got home and reviewed the resume briefly. Looks fantastic!!! When I read this -- you make me sound wonderful! I guess you don't realize what you've really accomplished until you have to put it down on paper. I just wanted to let you know how much I value your efforts and your prompt business attitude towards composing my resume. It was certainly a pleasure to do business with you and your company and should I have the need for additional assistance I will certainly return for the great service I received. With pride and no reservation, I will pass on your name and email address to others in need of this type of service.
Thanks again,
John D. (Chalmette, Louisiana)If we can but dream it, we can become it

Dear Sue,
This working copy is wonderful! I am so impressed! I am on the road right now, and can't answer all of your questions until I return to my office. I will try to get revisions to you tomorrow night. Thanks again - I will definitely recommend your service to others! Regards,
Heather B. (Lexington, KY)

I LOVE IT! It's excellent.
It's funny, I didn't intend to read it now (I'm on the road), but when I printed it, it looked so "eye-catching and good" that I couldn't "PUT IT DOWN!" It's excellent!!
Thanks, again,
Awilda G. (Homestead, FL)

Just to let you know, Back in June when I was looking for a job, I had sent out about 10-15 resumes and zero returned calls before I contacted you. After you helped with my resume and my cover letter I sent out 10 resumes and received 6 calls. Just thought you would like to know.
Stephen H. (Brenham, TX)

How is the document? That's the simplest question you've asked so far. It is everything we needed, wonderfully done, and so professionally rendered it's scary! We both greatly appreciate all the hard work you have done during the last can't be easy, doing all this by email with a stranger.
If the products you produced don't get him an interview, I can't imagine what on earth would! I also think that you have managed to teach him a thing or two about how to express himself.
We would both highly recommend you, and your company, to anyone looking for a resume service.
Thank you
Beth and James H. (Port Arthur, TX)
PS (Just in case you are curious as to why we chose you, your web site is first class. It emanates a personal feeling not found in the others I visited)

Thanks so much for your input! I can see that you put much effort into your highly professional critique. Just to let you know, this is my first attempt at writing a resume. I started by purchasing a few books on resume writing, but judging from your insightful critique, I'm out of my league and need further help. Therefore, I will be honored to have your assistance in re-writing my resume + cover letter.
Thanks very much for your time and effort.
Zeyad E. (Saudi Arabia)

I want to thank you for your recommendations [critique]. I would like to let you know that my sister-in-law utilized your service. She was right. Not only is your service fantastic, but your turn around time is unmatched.
Thank you.
Jim W.

Hi Sue!
I already have lines on the job market in the areas I want to move to. I have been passing your work around and there are some people that are interested in your services (you do a darn good job at resume writing). So if you don't mind I will give them the Web address and let it go from there.
Take care, and thanks again for all your hard work!
Craig P. (Forest Grove, Oregon)

Hi Sue,
Well I have tell you I have received a lot of positive feedback on the resume you helped to create for me. Seems like everyone is interested and it was one of the best investments I ever made. Although I have not changed jobs yet I could in a heart beat.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Bob P. (Switzerland)

Hi Sue,
Happy new year! I'm writing for a couple of reasons. First is that I wanted to thank you again for the great job that you did with my resume. There have been a lot of people that have reviewed it, including four recruiters one of which is an English Major that said it is one of the best that he has seen, (WOW!!!!). I have created a lot of interest with quite a few companies so far, but one in particular I am very interested in and should be going for a second visit this week. My wife is interested in changing her employment situation and needs a resume. In addition we have a friend coming over this week to pick my brain about my pursuit for a new career because he is interested in making a change also. Of course I will be referring him to you and anyone else whom I can word of mouth market your service to.
Thank you again Sue!
Jim M. (Hartland, Wisconsin)

You are doing such a great job, Do you mind if I recommend you to some people?
Anthony D. (Latham, New York)

Hi Sue
Many Thanks with your work on my resume, I am quite happy with it. The professional summary is good and I am very pleased that you were able to get the entire resume all on two pages. I have to start the job search in earnest now. I will contact you later if I require any other services such as HTML Formats or any tips on using the Internet for Job search
Many thanks for your professional service. It is particularly useful to have access to your service when based in Saudi Arabia.
I will keep in touch with you. I will certainly recommend your services to my colleagues.
regards and many thanks another satisfied customer
Barry T. (Demmam, Saudi Arabia)

I completely love this resume. It says exactly what I want without exaggerating my accomplishments. Again, this is great. I can't wait to get this out to some companies that I am working with. Btw, I’m referring A. to you, you will like working with her. I am always glad when I can pass along a good thing to friends.
Let me know next steps.
Chris L. (Saint Louis, Missouri)

Good luck in your job search! Sue Campbell Jones, - over 18 years experience helping clients achieve their career and business goals. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have. I'll be glad to help! P.O. Box 1128, Keystone Heights, FL 32656-1128 (904) 248-2493   E-mail Sue Campbell Jones

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