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  • Highly skilled and dedicated sales and marketing executive offering an impressive 17-year background in the strategic leadership of national and international markets.

  • Exceptional understanding of international sales strategies. Able to provide comprehensive solutions and direction in cross-cultural environments. Fluent in French, German and Japanese.

  • Computer proficient in a wide range of operating systems and software programs.


  • Sales & Marketing Growth

  • International Account Development

  • OEM & Business Partner Relationships

  • Market Research & Feasibility Studies

  • Total Quality Management Procedures

  • Staff Leadership & Team Development


Executive Vice President; National & International Sales

ABC, Inc., Any City, State

May 2005 – Present

  • Guide corporate strategies for the development and implementation of infrastructures in sales, marketing, research & development, engineering, manufacturing, finance, and administration.

  • Developed sales/marketing plan in support of investor management of a $10MM sales objective.

  • Increased annual sales revenue by $5MM within 17 months by establishing OEM and international distribution channels.

  • Maximized profits through efficient vendor negotiations and contracts, and the identification and reduction of gratuitous cost factors.

  • Company is currently recognized as #1 in the Industry, from a previous 24th position.

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

DEF Corporation, Any City, State

February 2003 – April 2005

  • Brought on board to rescue failing sales, rejuvenate ineffective marketing programs, and resolve international logistics and U.S. Customs issues.

  • Generated $2.7MM in targeted business within six months.

  • Developed and implemented strategic sales and marketing solutions with financials to support a $3MM increase in new business revenue.

  • Prepared annual updates to the marketing policy and assisted in preparation of annual fiscal plans.

  • Negotiated contractual terms and provided consult to information providers in all principal decisions. Reviewed current contracts to determine modifications, renewals and terminations as situations dictated.

  • Contributed to the recruitment, training and retention of top-caliber sales professionals, and developed a team that was proficient in all levels of sales and marketing operations.

Director of International Sales

GHI Company, Any City, State

January 1999 – February 2003

  • Conducted bottom-up reorganization of international sales in preparation of major project release.

  • Bolstered sales and marketing efforts to produce a 45% increase in prospects through the launch of two new products via trade shows, magazine ads, and direct mail campaigns.

  • Implemented a first-of-its-kind international distribution training program for Asian and European distributors, generating a solid interest in company products in overseas markets.

  • Developed promotional opportunities to increase income generation and sales, achieving an overall growth of 78% in the first year.

  • Directed and maintained a $1.5MM marketing budget.

  • Instituted a system of team leads to organize, operate and mentor production team. Team leads were established in sales, marketing, product development, customer support, and systems engineering.

Executive Manager; Import/Export Merchandising

JKL Incorporated, Any City, State

December 1994 – December 1998

  • Managed largest revenue producing business unit, generating over $24MM in annual revenue.

  • Identified new import product opportunities, evaluated domestic buying offices and reduced overhead cost by over 40%.

  • Coordinated team marketing activities to receive top national performance recognition at 400% of shipped unit business plan.

  • Saved $350K in operating costs through the development and implementation of an automated system to track, evaluate and reduce product deficits.

  • Researched and designed new advertising program to utilize $250K of co-op advertising, successfully increasing sales and market penetration of suppliers in the $2MM to $4MM range.

  • Negotiated with U.S. and international companies to create strategic export programs that succeeded in exceeding sales targets while ensuring high standards of service and quality.

Manager; Sales & Risk Management

MNO Inc., Any City, State

January 1990 – November 1994

  • Successfully positioned company to emerge from bankruptcy through diversification, creation of effective reporting, and development of risk analysis procedures in both marketing and merchandising.

  • Introduced strategic merchandising plan that met the unique needs of a high level client and a specific market segment, increasing gross margin by 3.5 points and securing $24MM in sales.

  • Directed formulation of franchise and distributor agreements.

  • Led a professional team of 125 sales executives in eight countries.


University of Import, City, State


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Emphasis in International Business

University of Import, City, State


  • Bachelor of Science: Business Management & Marketing


  • Business Marketing Association

  • American Marketing Association

  • American Management Association


Executive, Manager, Business, Operations, Vice President, Marketing, Sales, International, National, OEM, Distribution, Product, Development, Research, Logistics, Strategic, Market, P&L, Contracts, Negotiation, Diversification, Policies, Procedures, Standards, Standardization, Merchandising, Reporting, Finance, Accounting, Consultant, MBA, Fluent in: English, German, French, Japanese


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