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What Is A Resume?

Resume Basics

Secrets of a Great Resume

How Have Resumes Changed? - And What To Do When What You're Doing Isn't Working.

Reverse Chronological, Functional & Mixed Resume Formats - Which should you use?

Seven Eight Worst Resume Mistakes - job hunters make when writing their resumes.

Resume Examples  - in all the formats you need, explained: ASCII resume (scannable resume), word processed resume, HTML resume (resume Web page), and PDF.

Student & New Graduate Resume Answers - "I'm a student who has no applied experience. How do I go about writing a resume that will make me look good, even though I lack job experience?"

Student & College Resumes - Frequently Asked Questions - Even more to help you get there.

Cover Letters

Covering Cover Letters

Broadcast Cover Letters

Other Job Search Documents

Regarding References

Recommendation Letter - Whether you need one or are asked to write one for someone else.

Resignation Letter - one of the most difficult and yet most important documents you may need to write.

Job Hunting Business Cards - The Job Hunter's Calling Card.

Thank You Letters

Professional Bios - With examples


Interview Prep - Before, During, and After The Interview

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Long List of Common Interview Questions - A comprehensive list of hundreds of commonly asked tough interview questions - includes questions job candidates should ask at the interview.


Requested Salary History and Salary Requirements

Salary Negotiation - Skills for Navigating the Tough Terrain.

Where The Jobs Are

10 Avenues to Finding Your Next Job

Job Hunting for the Holidays - Don't miss this excellent opportunity to advance your job search and career.

Job & Career Fairs - Everything You Need to Know to Make it a Great.

Tapping Into the "Hidden Job Market" - it's not really "hidden."

Job Sites By Industry - A diverse list of Job-related Web sites/links organized by Industry.

Job Sites By State - A comprehensive list of Job-related Web sites and links organized by U.S. State and Region.

"Need to Know" Job Seeker Information

Equal Employment Opportunity Regulations in the United States


Interview Questions Quiz (more quizzes are coming!!)

Resume Quiz - see how you do!

Job Search Networking Quiz

Help & Motivation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - If it's a job search question, the answer is here

Tough Job Search Questions - Answered

Should I Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

Resume Services from 1st-Writer

Job Search Sticking Points - Where in the job search are you getting stuck?

The Do's and Don'ts of an Effective Job Search

Eight Worst Mistakes Job Hunters Make - the eight worst mistakes job hunters make when trying to land their next position.

Re-entering The Job Market

Career Path - A motivational article with real world strategies for finding a career you'll love.

Self-Evaluation - A Conversation To Have... with Yourself.

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The Latest News:

Unemployment Rate Unexpectedly Plummeted to its Lowest Rate in Nearly Three Years
December 2, 2011. The unemployment rate fell to 8.6%, the lowest rate since March 2009 and a significant decline from 9% just a month before. By Annalyn Censky

No relief for long-term unemployed
November 2, 2011. The long-term unemployed just can't catch a break. By Charles Riley

The return of multiple job offers
July 18, 2011. Jobs are still hard to come by - unless you're part of the elite group of job seekers who are fielding not one but several competing opportunities at once. By Vickie Elmer, contributor.

Job seekers get left out of the recovery
New York,
July 8, 2011. It's been two years since the recession officially ended, but for job seekers, the economic woes are far from over.

Economists see more hiring on the way
New York,
January 24, 2011. In another sign of a strengthening economy, U.S. companies say they are planning to hire more workers, and expect economic growth to pick up in the first months of 2011, according to a survey released Monday. By Charles Riley, staff reporter

100 Best Companies To Work For (2011)
Fortune Magazine
. See the full list of America's top 100 employers, including detailed company profiles and contact information, or check out "Best Employers By State."

Strong signs of life for the job market
New York,
January 5, 2011. Private sector payrolls soared 297,000 in December, while 2010 job cuts drop 59% to lowest annual level since 1997, two separate reports show. By Aaron Smith, staff writer and Blake Ellis, staff reporter.

2011: A hiring boom, even at 9% unemployment
New York,
January 3, 2011. After three years of economic pain, a growing number of economists think 2011 will finally bring what everyone's been hoping for: more jobs and a self-sustaining recovery. By Chris Isidore, senior writer.

They're hiring!
Fortune Magazine, April 19, 2010.
These Fortune 100 employers have at least 200 openings each, totaling more than 60,000 jobs. Want to work there? Fortune Magazine asked company representatives what they're looking for - and secrets to getting hired.

Finally, an end to job losses
New York,
April 2, 2010. The long nightmare of job losses appears to be just about over. By Chris Isidore, senior writer.

6 Job Search Mistakes in a Recession
, March 22, 2010. In any economic climate, job hunting is nobody's idea of fun. And with the growing number of folks hitting the bricks these days, it seems the task is getting even harder. By Paul Powers.

Good job news: Wages are rising. Really.
New York,
March 5, 2010. The end of more than two years of job losses can't come soon enough for most Americans. By Chris Isidore, senior writer.

100 Best Companies To Work For (2010)
Fortune Magazine
. See the full list of America's top 100 employers, including detailed company profiles and contact information, or check out "Best Employers By State."

Jobless claims fall to 17-month low
New York,
December 31, 2009. - The number of Americans filing first-time claims for unemployment insurance fell sharply last week to the lowest level in 17 months, the government said Thursday. Analysts had expected an increase. By Hibah Yousuf, staff reporter.

More Raises, smaller pay increases in 2010
, December 21, 2009. - The good news is that you're more likely to get a raise next year. But the bad news is that the boost may not be as big as you'd like. By Blake Ellis, contributing writer.

Job loss: Worst in 34 years
, February 6, 2009. Employers slashed 598,000 more jobs in January as unemployment rate climbed to 7.6%. By Chris Isidore, senior writer.

Number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits breaks half-million mark for first time - in 2009
. By Lara Moscrip, contributing writer.

What About My Job?
, September 25, 2008. A near meltdown of the nation's financial system will affect jobs well beyond Wall Street. By Jessica Dickler, staff writer.

Where The Big Jobs Are
Fortune Magazine
, August 8, 2008. Demand for high-level talent is surprisingly robust, especially for senior managers who are willing to move. By Anne Fisher, senior writer.

Corporate America Is Getting Nervous
, June 6, 2008. A big spike in unemployment is the latest sign that businesses are starting to feel the pinch from the weak economy. But some see hope on the horizon. By Paul R. La Monica, editor at large.

Nation's Economic Pain Deepens
, June 6, 2008. Biggest jump in unemployment rate since 1986 - combined with energy and housing woes - stokes fears about recession. By Chris Isidore, senior writer.

Lessons Of The Fall
Fortune Magazine, May 29, 2008. Ex-CEOs from JetBlue, Starbucks, and Motorola discuss what they learned when they lost their jobs. By Patricia Sellers, editor at large.

Five Reasons To Find A New Job
, January 9, 2008 - Anthony Balderrama, Writer,

CNN Money's Best Places To Live - 2008 Rates and compares US cities, including best employers in your state, best benefits, top-paying companies, and more.

Unemployment Rates: State By State, December 21, 2007 - See where your state ranks.

10 Toughest Career Dilemmas - Solved
Fortune Magazine, December 10, 2007 - Covering whether it's time to change jobs, to secrets for getting into business school, to advice on surviving an office romance, Fortune Magazine includes excerpts from some of the top "Ask Annie" columns of the 2007 year.

Skilled worker shortage hurts U.S.
New York, N.Y., January 4, 2007 - Employers would be hiring more if they could just find the skilled workers they need. By Chris Isidore, senior writer. Published over a year ago, this issue still appears to be relevant, today.

Pay differences: Same job, 10 different cities
New York, N.Y., September 14, 2006 - Here's what you might earn in jobs that pay annual salaries of $60,000 and $90,000. By Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer.

Signs you have a great job ... or not
New York, N.Y., May 31, 2006 - Even when you're having a really bad day, your job may be a lot better than you think. Here's how to tell. By Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer.

Are you paid what you're worth?
New York, N.Y., April 3, 2006 - It's very hard to tell, especially when your company books a handsome profit. By Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer.

5 careers: Big demand, big pay
New York, N.Y., February 3, 2006 - If you're in one of the jobs listed here, you may be able to negotiate a sweet pay hike for yourself when changing employers. By Jeanne Sahadi, CNN/Money senior writer.

Your job: Signs you've stayed too long
New York, N.Y., August 2, 2005 - They're not as obvious as they may seem. Ignore them, and you could find yourself in worse shape. By Jeanne Sahadi, CNN/Money senior writer.

Top 5 Resume Lies - The Truth Stretched Thin
New York, N.Y., Nov. 23, 2004 - The truth is stretched thin in resumes and on interviews by a notable number of job seekers. There are no statistics, but experts estimate that 10 percent to 30 percent of job seekers shade the truth or flat-out lie on their resumes, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

Privacy issues for online job seekers:
Documents Reveal Serious Job Seeker Resume Privacy Violations, by Pam Dixon - Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Fact Sheet 25: Privacy Tips for Online Job Seekers, by Pam Dixon - Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

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