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See why I use these funny shoes throughout my site

See why I use these funny tennis shoes throughout my site.

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Marketing Services
Small business marketing plans,  newsletters, Web page documents, brochures, copyediting, graphic ads (online and print mediums) and more.
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"If you don't feel like the most important client I've ever worked for, then I haven't done my job."
~Sue Campbell



Resume Web Page & Electronic Formats: $75.00

If you need the electronic formats necessary for an effective online job search: Resume Web Page, PDF, ASCII (See these formats explained), I can help.

Resume Web Page Examples:

I can convert your resume to all the electronic formats necessary for an effective online job search (Resume Web Page, PDF, ASCII). In addition to creating a stylized resume Web page, I'll link your Resume Web Page to your PDF document to give your recipients easy access to a printable version of your resume - essentially giving you 2 resume Web pages - with free hosting for up to six months. Have your own resume Web page

Your new resume Web page will be hosted at: www.topjobcandidate.com/Your-Name.htm - giving you a Web address (URL) that tells your recipient you are a "top job candidate."

Why It's Worth It

If you're using the Internet as part of your job search, then having your resume in Word, alone, isn't enough. Potential employers frequently request ASCII and PDF resume submissions due to their smaller size (smaller download requirement, reduced risk of virus transmission) and because of their portability and ease of upload into company database systems (scannability).

If you want to upload your resume into an online resume database, you may be required to copy and paste your document into designated boxes, by sections, and Word won't always transfer well in these mediums. In this case, ASCII is your best bet.

And many employers and online resume databases are now requiring file uploads to be in PDF.

Having a resume Web page allows you to submit your resume in a convenient online format, with zero download requirement by your recipient (you simply send him or her the URL). Because the resume Web page is also linked to a PDF version of your resume, your recipient will have access to a printable version of your document in its original hardcopy format. AND SO WILL YOU. Having a resume Web page means that you can access a printable version of your resume anywhere you have an Internet connection, without having to carry your resume with you on a disk or in a hardcopy version.

Having your resume in all the necessary formats prepares you for an effective job search. See resume formats explained.

Not sure if your existing resume will do the trick? Try starting with a professional critique.

What You Receive

Conversion of your resume to PDF, ASCII and a Resume Web Page + up to 6 months of free hosting.

*Returning 1st-Writer.com Critique Clients: If you've already used 1st-Writer.com's professional critique service, you can order all the file formats (Resume Web Page, ASCII, and PDF) plus six months of free hosting for the lower fee of $50.00. E-mail me to get started.

While I'll correct any glaring spelling errors that I find (I can't help it, it's the writer in me), I won't change any of the written content of your resume in any way. You love your resume - I respect that. What I will do is convert your resume to ASCII and PDF formats, and I'll create an attractive, professional resume Web page for you. Then I'll link your resume Web page to your PDF resume (essentially giving you two resume Web pages) for easy printing capabilities by your recipient, or by you if you're on the road and don't have access to a fully formatted version. All you'll need is an Internet connection to access a printable version of your resume, anywhere you are.

You'll have the URL address: www.topjobcandidate.com/Your-Name.htm for up to 6 months. If at any time you want your resume Web page removed, all you'll need to do is e-mail me to have your resume Web page removed immediately.

With your resume in Word, PDF, two versions of ASCII, and a resume Web page, you'll have all the electronic formats you'll needed for an effective online job search. I'll also explain how to use  your new electronic formats.

This is a very personalized service, and I maintain strict client confidentiality.

How This WorksSue Campbell has over 15 years experience as a professional resume writer and career strategist - helping clients achieve their career, business and marketing goals.

I'll have you send your resume to me by e-mail. I'll then review your resume for any spelling errors and will notify you of any that I find.

I'll then convert your resume to the electronic formats of your choice (Resume Web Page or PDF, ASCII - two versions, and Resume Web Page). I'll then send you the PDF and ASCII files of your resume, and the URL (Web address) to your new Resume Web Page: www.topjobcandidate.com/Your-Name.htm.

Most resume conversions can be completed and posted within 24 hours of the order. And I do work weekends! E-mail me to get started. Not sure if your resume will do the trick? Try starting with a professional critique.

E-mail Sue Campbell to get started. Over 15 years experience as a professional resume writer.
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