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See why I use these funny shoes throughout my site

See why I use these funny tennis shoes throughout my site.

"If we choose to be no more than clods of clay, then we shall be used as clods of clay for braver feet to tread on." - Marie Corelli

"If you don't feel like the most important client I've ever worked for, then I haven't done my job."
~Sue Campbell



Take A Break!

The following Web sites offer some fun entertainment and a break from job hunting. Oh, and for those of you who are job hunting at work, turn down the volume. We don't want your co-workers knowing what you're up to! These sites are "play at your own risk." 1st-writer is not responsible for their content.

Young Me Now Me
We all have those pictures in the past... this is just plain fun. (Will open in a separate window.)

Simple Sinewave Synthesizer
Not something to play at work with the speakers on (and you have to have the speakers on) - but a very cool way to pass some time and take a break from job searching. Make beautiful music even if you never knew you had it in you. A lot of fun. Thank you to my niece, Amanda, for suggesting it, and to Andre Michelle for creating it.

Future Weapons
While I'm not usually a fan of weapon games, this one is absolutely addicting. You could lose a full hour of productive work time before you know it (so be careful - at least make sure your boss is busy). Created by the Discovery Channel. Warning: make sure your volume is turned down - this one starts with a loud boom.

Online Sudoku Puzzles
Frustrated with your job search? Here, try an online Sudoko puzzle and get really frustrated. It makes the job search look easy. Go for the evil level, I dare you.

Create A Snowflake
Create your own work of art, and then "catch a snowflake" to see the artistry of others. You can even leave a message for those who catch your snowflake and want to know more about you.
Sue Campbell is a professional resume writer and career strategist with over 15 years experience helping clients achieve their career, business and marketing goals.

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